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multiple, cardboard, ballon, cork, drawing pin

Sculpture of Transition

Performance at Marx Engels Forum
Berlin 1998

The bus drives in a circle around Berlin’s Mitte and lets passengers out at three stations. Through light-footed actions, well known public spaces are reactivated. The actions are related to a children’s game. "I see something you don’t see" and force the guests driving and standing by the fence to look at their surroundings in a new way.
Even onlookers from their apartment windows participate shouting at the beginning "stop" and later "encore!". Through fleeting impulses, new relationships are formed. The actions set accents and allow glimpses of fading pictures. The wind scatters pieces of papers with the phrase "I see something you don’t see" temporarily attached to the tops of the balustrades at the riverbank and plays with pages of a book again with the same phrase connected on the Friedrichsbrücke near the Bodemuseum. Children run after the ball which the artist drags behind him and which is then suddenly attached to Marx’s leg on the famous Marx - Engels statue near the Television Tower (Fernsehturm ). And the target for the searching eyes: the Bodemuseum, Television Tower and the Berliner Verlag building. The one who guesses correctly receives as a reward a multiple sculpture..

Another guessing game supporting the active exchange of wild speculations occurs on the bus. A tape runs during the ride between stations with the voices of different people trying to describe the same three objects. So that during the ride a concentrated atmosphere of suspense and childlike excitement is already created, which directs the attention of the passengers to the city around them.