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Lo mio y lo tuyo 2009-2010

Museo Nacional de Ethnografia y Folklore, La Paz and 
ICPA Instituto Cultural Paraguayo-Alemán, Asunción

A contribution to the exhibition Menos Tiempo que Lugar. A project in which different youth groups from wealthy and poor backgrounds, from La Paz, Bolivia and Asuncion, Paraguay, collaborated.

How do young people of different social spheres in the chronically divided societies of Latin America, interact with one another? And how do they define independence and freedom? Roland Stratmann tested this and invited well situated and poor students from La Paz and Asuncion to a workshop. The drawings and objects are an original and participative attempt to give insight into how our individual quest for freedom is a burden to others and how social differences change our perception of Independent determination. In contrast to Che Guevara, who during the 1960s, encouraged the youth to think as a unit and to act upon the instructions of the political leaders, Stratmann emphasizes that individual artistic responsibility and aesthetic vision is superior to any political propaganda. (Alfons Hug)