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25.07. - 13.09.2019
Roland Stratmann - AusEinAndern
Ausstellungsforum im IG-Metall-Haus Berlin

In cooperation with C&K GALERIE, IG Metall presents Roland Stratmann, a conceptual artist who lives and works in Berlin and whose works address current political issues of our time subtly and humorously.
The exhibition title AUS EIN ANDERN is a new linguistic creation containing elements of the words “emigrate and immigrate” and reflects processes of social change.
In the centre of the exhibition there is a life-size rhinoceros - made from hundreds of pieces of clothing - seemingly waiting to be led back to freedom.
Inspired by the fate of a great one-horned rhinoceros whose transfer from Portugal to Italy in 1516 failed tragically due to shipwreck, Stratmann shows another version of this protozoan. On a tableau composed of 357 postcards on which the senders wrote about private, contemporary and political crises, the artist drew a huge rhinoceros based on the well-known woodcut by Albrecht Dürer. There is a story inherent in the materials used. Stratmann overlays this with pointed statements concerning the current global conflict situation.