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13.09. - 12.11.2022
Edenic Iconoclasts
curated by Isolde Nagel
Showcase U-Zoologischer Garten, Berlin

An exhibition and performance project curated by Isolde Nagel (A TRANS)

A situation set to zero, a global reset has taken place, the proverbial expulsions from paradise.  How do we want to continue to survive? The so-called new normal, what do we imagine it to be. Whatever it is, it presupposes that we think in terms of contradictions. 

Iconoclast literally means “image destroyer”. The expression Edenic in German “edenisch” or paradisiacal is already found in the dictionary of the Brothers Grimm.

Movement, freedom, transformation, purification and dissociation – following on from last year’s ICONOCLASTS series (funded in the DRAUSSENSTADT program), the protagonists approach the topic in relation to urbanity and the public sphere in artistic models and approaches. Ideas of imperfection and transition also lend themselves to spatial explorations. The artist, Roland Stratmann, is invited to realize, in the literal sensed of the word, “breakpoints” in a place rather remote from art for passers-by and visitors.

Location: showcase at the subway station, platform Zoologischer Garten U9.